Festivals & Events

Kushima Morning Yomukan Market
Held every Sunday from 7:00-9:00am.

Fukushima Port Firework Festival
Held each year on or around August 12th.  There is a large variety of food stalls as well as a stage with live music performances.

Cape Toi Fire Festival (都井岬火祭り)
Kushima’s biggest event of the year is held for two days at the end of August. Apart from the standard festival fare, there are also live performances featuring locals musicians and taiko groups. Occasionally there are even dance numbers. But the main event is the fire-torch throw, where young men fling flaming brands at a pole that represents a snake. It is a breathtaking sight to behold, but keep your distance, because the fireballs often miss their target, and occasionally land among the crowd!

Beach Volleyball Competition in Kushima 
Usually held in September, this event has been organized by the Kushima Youth Groups Committee each year for the past fifteen years.  Entry is a little expensive, but there are some nice cash prizes if you win.

Candle Night
Held in October, the local students light up the park with candles and lanterns. All of the candles and lanterns are constructed from recycled or biodegradable materials to help promote ecological awareness.

Kushima Autumn Festival
Held in November, on or around Culture Day, this festival features stalls of local products and a big parade down route 112.

Winter Illumination
While not exactly a festival, Kushima’s winter illumination is a welcome sight for foreigners feeling homesick during the holidays.