Sights & Attractions

MiyazakiJingu Miyazaki Jingu (宮崎神社) (map), located in the center of the city, is dedicated to the first Emperor of Japan, Jinmu, and his mother, Tamayori-hime. Many events are held each year at the shrine including Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival that features a parade procession from the shrine to downtown Miyazaki at the end of October. There’s also the Yabusame festival, an archery-on-horseback event held on April 3rd. If you fancy a more rural shine, there’s the rice planting ceremony in the spring and rice cultivation in the fall. In the park grounds around the shrine itself you’ll also find the Prefectural Museum of Natural History. The shrine is fairly central and easily accessible via bus.

Heiwadai Park (map)
A massive park dedicated to peace. In addition to a garden of Haniwa (ancient burial statues), Heiwadai also boasts a dovecot, lake, kids’ play area, sports fields, walking trails, and an organic restaurant.

Miyazaki Science Museum (map) Home to the 5th largest planetarium in the world, and the largest on Kyushu. The museum is a fun experience for the young at heart, with lots of cool interactive exhibits. It doesn’t require a lot of Japanese to be fun, but it would enhance the experience. The planetarium show is 50 minutes, with about half being the presentation of the starry sky and the latter half being a themes movie. Intermediate Japanese level is recommended for comprehension, but it’s still pretty to look at.
Miyazaki Art Center (map) Conveniently located in downtown Miyazaki, the Art Center plays host to a variety of traveling exhibitions.
Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History (map)  is a small museum which plays host to a number of rotating exhibits in addition to its regular exhibits about early Japanese life and animal diversity in Miyazaki and Kyushu.