Ichibangai Ichibangai (一番街) is a long arcade that is a little south of Bon Belta, running parallel with Takachiho-dori. All the streets that lead off of Ichibangai are essentially Miyazaki City’s entertainment district, playing host to an impressive number of bars, clubs, restaurants, and venues such as karaoke booths and game arcades. There are a number of excellent stand up bars with cheaper drinks, but if you want a proper cocktail try some of the fancier looking upstairs bars. There is also a Maid Café nearby, where girls in maid costumes serve drinks and snacks. For a small fee female guests can also try on maid costumes if you want some crazy photos to send back to your friends.

Neko Cafe Utatane (map) If you don’t/can’t have a cat, but want to pet some kitties, this is the only cat cafe in Miyazaki city. For about ¥900 you can get a drink and 30 minutes with all kinds of cats.

Round 1 (map) is a multi-story game and sports complex with everything from arcades and bowling to archery and spa.

Central Cinema (map) Miyazaki’s main movie theater, located in Aeon Mall.

Shidax (map) is one of the larger karaoke places in the city.

Aceland Bowling (map) is another bowling place without all the extras Round 1 has. Just bowling.

Korokke (map) is another large karaoke place with several locations in the city.
Locations: Chuodori (Ichibangai area), Yanagimaru, Kiyotake, Akae,