MiyazakiOyodoOyodo River (大淀川) 
The iconic river that runs through Miyazaki City, the Oyodo River offers some of the best views and activities you can do in Miyazaki. Along the river runs the scenic Aya biking trail, a must for any bike enthusiasts and best enjoyed during spring and summer. Numerous hotels and restaurants dot the riverside and cater to a variety of budgets. The Oyodo sunset is also worth a stop by the river. More specifically, the 700m stretch of green that runs perpendicular to Tachibana Bridge, called Tachibana Park, served as the setting of the novel “Tamayura,” by Nobel Prize Literature winner Yasunari Kawabata, who became inspired after he glimpsed the Oyodo sunset. In the warmer months, various sports clubs offer such activities as games, fishing, river kayaking, and other sports along the river.

Sun Beach Hitotsuba (サンビーチ一ツ葉)
Right against the eastern coastline of Miyazaki and leading down towards the Port is the Hitotsuba toll road, an idyllic and slightly faster drive down a nicely maintained highway flanked by palm trees. On this particular section, you’ll find Sun Beach, an artificial yet enjoyable spot to have a swim in the warm ocean waters. Granted, the white sand is all imported from Australia, but it doesn’t take away from the experience. This spot is open during Miyazaki’s swimming season, which is July and August. Year-round, enjoy playing basketball next to the ocean on their seaside courts, or pay a small fee to enjoy their sand volleyball courts.

Bunkakoen (文化公園)
Southwest of Miyazaki Jingu (宮崎神具), this park contains the Miyazaki Prefectural Library, and is also a great place to just sit around, have a picnic, relax, and enjoy. Miyazaki in general has some nice parks, but this one is one of the nicest. There is a great art gallery in the park as well. Across the road is one of Miyazaki City’s few vegetarian restaurants: “Chago”. If you’re a fun-loving vegetable-only consumer, or just a health nut, give this one a go.

Akae Beach 
A bit further north of Kisakihama. A good swimming beach and much less crowded.

Kisakihama Beach
Less crowded than Aoshima, Kisakihama is also popular with surfers.

Heiwadai Park (map)
A massive park dedicated to peace. In addition to a garden of Haniwa (ancient burial statues), Heiwadai also boasts a dovecot, lake, kids’ play area, sports fields, walking trails, and an organic restaurant.


Aoshima Beach
One of the most popular beaches, Aoshima is home to Aoshima Shrine. In summer, the Aoshima Beach Park brings the are to life with all sorts of restaurants, shops, and performances.

Kaeda Gorge
A popular hiking spot complete with a beautiful river for swimming.