The 2017 Miyazaki City International Festa

Every December, the Miyazaki international Foundation hosts a grand international exchange event, and this year’s was the biggest yet!

Groups from throughout the prefecture came to host information booths to teach about their home countries and cultures. Many people performed traditional music or danced on stage. Visitors enjoyed trying their hand at crafts, practicing a new language, and playing new instruments. A variety of food and drinks were available as well.

Many of our JETs submitted artwork to the exhibition. It was so hard to choose a favorite because all of the pieces were so great!

There was even a Japanese speech contest! We don’t get many chances to try and give a big speech in Japanese, so this was a great opportunity to test our skills.

The Kiyotake  International Association, Miyazaki City International Association, and MAJET took advantage of the event’s timing to feature Christmas Around the World! There was a raffle with many Christmas toys and decorations as prizes, and many guests enjoyed having their face painted.

MAJET’s activity booth was popular with people of all ages! Adults enjoyed making German Froebel stars and trying our Christmas-themes origami, while the younger guests enjoyed making colorful popsicle  stick ornaments. Many guests were curious about our Christmas display, and others enjoyed getting the chance to exchange stories with our volunteers.


This year’s International Festa was truly a great experience. If you missed it, be sure to try and stop by next year!

Thank you to all our of wonderful volunteers who helped make the day special.

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