Sites & Attractions

Obi Castle (飫肥城)
The Obi district of Nichinan is considered the Kyoto of Kyushu. It is well preserved and there are several historical buildings and sites. What’s left of Obi Castle (map) is actually just the castle gate and wall – the rest of the castle burnt down. Inside the grounds is now an elementary school and a little museum. Baron Jutaro Komura, a diplomat from the Meiji Era, was born in this part of Nichinan.

Udo Shrine (鵜戸神宮)Udo Shrine
An icon of Miyazaki Prefecture, Udo Shrine (map) is a Shinto shrine built in a cave on the Nichinan coastline. It enshrines the father of Emperor Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, and is also known as a shrine to the god of marriage.

Sun Messe Nichinan
Settled on Route 220 on the Nichinan Coast, Sun Messe Nichinan (map) is the only place on earth authorized to have replicas of the Moai statues from Easter Island. The park also has many other statues, a butterfly garden, and a restaurant.


Sakamoto Tanada
Terraced rice fields found in the Sakatani district of Nichinan.  Also, serves as the base for one of the trails up Mt. Komatsu, a pretty difficult hike up Nichinan’s tallest mountain.

Horikawa Canal
Originally built to transport Obi cedar from the mountains down to the port. It was also the location for a movie in the late 1990s.

Nango Castle
The remains of a branch castle of Obi Castle found near Nakamura Shrine.

Yowara Shrine
A shrine that couples go to, to pray for luck in love, but a nice place to visit nonetheless.

Inohae Gorge
A nice place to go for a hike in the mountains. It’s famous for the many varieties of moss that grow there.  Many people come to reap the therapeutic effects that the gorge is said to give.  You’ll find some beautiful waterfalls at the end of this trail.