Festivals & Events

Nichinan has a variety of events and festivals to look forward to throughout the year. Below is a preview of what you can expect, but keep an eye on our Miyazaki Events Calendar for specific details and additional events!

City Hall Morning Market
Held the first Sunday of every month from 6:30-8:30am.

Aburatsu Morning Market
Held the fourth Sunday of every month from 6:00-9:00am.

Kuroshio Festival
Held in Nango in late August. Kuroshio is the name of the warm ocean current that fish ride into Nango. As a fishing village, the current serves as an important natural occurrence for the town’s economy.

Obi Castle Festival
A 2-day affair held in late September or early October. On Saturday evening there is traditional dancing in front of the castle and samurai riding on horses. Later on in the night, a main stage with other performances, drumming, and karaoke provides entertainment. On Sunday, there is a huge parade down the main street of Obi.

Nichinan Half Marathon
Held on a Sunday in late November.  If you would like to register, please contact City Hall.

Kitago Industrial Festival
Held on the riverside football field in Kitago town on the last weekend in November. There are over 100 stalls of local products and a cow on a spit. The population of Kitago doubles or triples for the weekend.

Taiko Festival
Held annually in December and features a whole afternoon of Japanese drumming at the Heartful Center in Nango. Drummers come from all over Miyazaki Prefecture to participate.

Kuroshio Road Half Marathon
Held in Nango in March.

Hanatate Park Sakura Festival
While you can visit Hanatate Park any time during sakura season, the Sakura Festival held in April provides a unique hanami experience. The park’s 10,000 sakura trees are illuminated with lights at nighttime! During the festival there is also a stage with entertainment.

Jacaranda Festival
Held in June, showcases the beautiful indigo Jakaranda flowers blooming in Nango.  They have a forest there of some 700 trees.  There are delicious snacks for sale and great views of the surrounding water.

Sakaematsu Beach Opening Festival
Held the first weekend of July to celebrate the beginning of the swimming season.

Nichinan Swim-Run
Usually held on the second Sunday of July at Futo or Odotsu beach.

The Aburatsu Port Festival
This festival falls on a weekend in late July and is one of the biggest festivals in the prefecture. The main attraction of this festival is the fireworks display on Saturday night. There are also “boat” races in the port on Saturday morning. Teams of 5 people row 2 logs tied together across the port. Anyone can make a team and join in!