Hotels & Inns

J’s Resort
Hotel and golf club located in Kitago. Visit for a quick dip in the onsen or stay for a relaxing weekend.
Location: ホテル ジェイズ 日南リゾート (map)
2821-1 Kitagōchō Gōnoharakō, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-2402
Website: http://www.jsgroup.jp
TEL: 0987-55-3333

Kanpo no Yado かんぽの宿
In central Nichinan near the sports park, Kanpo no Yado features a variety of indoor baths, a sauna, and an outdoor bath.
Location: Kanponoyado Nichinan (map)
〒889-2533 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, 大字星倉2228−1
Website: https://www.kanponoyado.japanpost.jp/nichinan/
TEL: 0987-22-5171

Sun Cherry Kitago サンチェリー北郷
Tucked away in the mountains, this venue is a hotel, restuarant, and onsen all rolled into one!
Location: サンチェリー北郷 (map)
Japan, 〒889-2401 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Kitagōchō Ōfujikō, 1519−3
Website: http://www.suncherry-kitago.com
TEL: 0987-55-3611


Hachinosu Campground 蜂之巣キャンプ場
This campground in Kitago has tennis courts, a few other sports facilities, and a huge playground for kids. There are some awesome two-story cottages that you can rent out that are fully equipped with a kitchen and futon sets. Piping hot onsen water flows from the taps and these cabins are a great place to throw a party.
Location: Hachinosu Camping Ground (map)
〒889-2402 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, 北郷町郷之原甲2183
Website: http://gonharu.info/
TEL: 0987-55-3828

Oshima Adventure Cabins
Oshima is an island off the coast of Nichinan with cabins you can rent to stay in. The cabins are situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. They are also equipped with bedding, full kitchens, and baths. There is a shared barbecue area perfect for striking up intercultural relations with other groups.
Location: 大島アドベンチャーキャビン (map)
Japan, 〒889-3204 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Nangōchō Nakamuraotsu, 宮崎県日南市南郷町中村乙7619-1
Website: https://www.kankou-nichinan.jp/
TEL: 0987-64-1111

Sakatani Campground   酒谷キャンプ場
More than just a campground, Sakatani offers not only tent camping but also bungalows and even a community center to rent. The complex includes swimming pools, barbecue equipment, and even a gymnasium!
Location: Sakatani Camping Ground (map)
Japan, 〒889-2512 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Sakatanikō, 宮崎県日南市大字酒谷甲3361
Website: http://michinoeki-sakatani.com/
TEL: 0987-26-1216