Food & Drinks

Murasakiya (むらさきや) Ramen (map), on the main street of Obi, is a treasure unto itself. This shop offers the very best homemade tonkotsu ramen (とんこつラーメン) around.

Chelsea Café (map) is located in Aburatsu. The friendly staff and delicious food will make you feel right at home!

Sono – With locations in central Nichinan and Obi, you are bound to try this café. It has a warm atmosphere and the best chicken nanban and hot cocoa in Nichinan.

Tomura, the Nichinan-based grocery store, has a yakiniku (焼肉, ‘barbecue’) restaurant in Aburatsu (map).

Ginno (map), where you can “Take Eat Easy,” as their sign says, is located in Obi. This hip restaurant offers a variety of Japanese and European dishes, as well as an excellent foreign drinks selection.

Aburatsu Coffee (map) is a very cozy cafe with free reliable wi-fi, and they have the best pancakes in town!

Nagomi (Kitago) Japanese-Western Fusion

Kodama Café (Obi) Café and Restaurant

Sakai-zushi (Obi) Sushi

Hattori-tei (Obi) Japanese Set

Spice Café Hitotsubu (Obi) Curry

Sakura-kobo (Hoshikura) Café

Sanku (Togo) Grilled Chicken

Renge (Agata) Chinese Food

Lama (Agata) Indian Food

Seryu (Agata) Taiwanese Food

Hamazushi (Nichinan Station) Conveyor-belt Sushi

Katsu-kaishu (Agata) Tonkatsu

Nearo Ramen (Agata) Tonkotsu Ramen

Ashieddo (Agata) Fancy French-Style Food

Toen (Agata) Chinese Food

Tonkatsu Taiko (Agata) Tonkatsu

Tomura Hidaka-ten (Agata) Yakiniku

Circle Café (Aburatsu) Café

Yuasa Tofu (Aburatsu) Tofu Restaurant/Shop

Aburatsu Shokudo (Aburatsu) Pizza, Grilled Meat, Chinese, etc.

Minato no Eki Meitsu (Nango) Seafood

Michi no Eki Nango (Nango) Tourist Food

Yowara Café (Yowara) Café