Hanatate Park 花立公園
Located at the top of the mountain behind J’s Resort. There are 10,000 sakura trees planted on the hillside and you can see as far as the ocean on a clear day. This is definitely worth visiting in springtime.
Location: 花立公園 展望台 (map)
Kitagocho Gonoharako, Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-2402
Website: http://gonharu.info/

Sakamoto Tanada 坂元棚田
Serving as the base for one of the trails up to Mt. Komatsu, these terraced rice fields found in the Sakatani district are a sight in their own right.
Location: Sakatano Rice Terrace (map)
Sakataniko, Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-2512
Website: http://www.pref.miyazaki.lg.jp/
TEL: 0987-31-1132

Mt. Komatsu
Nichinan’s tallest mountain with many hiking trails to explore.
Location: Komatsuyama (map)
Yoshinokata, Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-2513

Oshima is an island off the coast of Nichinan with cabins you can rent to stay in. The cabins are situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean. They are also equipped with bedding, full kitchens, and baths. There is a shared barbecue area perfect for striking up intercultural relations with other groups.
Location: 大島アドベンチャーキャビン (map)
Japan, 〒889-3204 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Nangōchō Nakamuraotsu, 宮崎県日南市南郷町中村乙7619-1
Website: https://www.kankou-nichinan.jp/
TEL: 0987-64-1111

Inohae Gorge 猪八重渓谷
A nice place to go for a hike in the mountains. It’s famous for the many varieties of moss that grow there. Many people come to reap the therapeutic effects that the gorge is said to give. You’ll find some beautiful waterfalls at the end of this trail.
Location: Inohae Valley (map)
〒889-2403 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Kitagōchō Gōnoharakō, 北郷町北河内
Website: http://gonharu.info/

Hachinosu Park 蜂之巣キャンプ場
This campground in Kitago has tennis courts, a few other sports facilities, and a huge playground for kids. There are some awesome two-story cottages that you can rent out that are fully equipped with a kitchen and futon sets. Piping hot onsen water flows from the taps and these cabins are a great place to throw a party.
Location: Hachinosu Camping Ground (map)
〒889-2402 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, 北郷町郷之原甲2183
Website: http://gonharu.info/
TEL: 0987-55-3828


Odotsu Beach 大堂津海水浴場
A general swimming beach that is easily accessible by train at Odotsu Station. During swimming season, there are many snack shops open. Odotsu beach boasts an outdoor stage where a variety of events are held as well.
Location: Odotsu Beach (map)
4 Chome-6 Ōdōtsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-3141

Futo Beach 富土海水浴場
A general swimming beach also popular with surfers.
Location: Futo Beach Resort (map)
1734 Futo, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 887-0102
TEL: 0987-31-1134

Sakaematsu Beach and Campground 栄松ビーチ・キャンプ場
A rocky beach with a private feel that has a small campground. From here you can also go sea kayaking! It’s not for the faint of heart, but an exciting challenge for those up to the task!
Location: Sakaematsu Beach (map)
4178-1 Nangōchō Nakamuraotsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-3204
Website: http://nango-on.jp/
TEL: 0987-64-1111 (beach), 0987-64-0002 (campground/kayaking)