2017 MAJET-KAJET Dragon Boat Races!

Every October, hundreds of people travel to Kagoshima’s Nejime Port for the Minami Osumi Nejime Dragon Boat Festival! Teams of 10 people board colorful, dragon-shaped boats and race down a 380m river course to claim the prize.

This year, MAJET will be collaborating with Kagoshima AJET (KAJET) to bring Dragon Boat Racing to you! This is a great opportunity to meet our neighbor JETs and build new connections and friendships, while also enjoying and participating in a unique cultural experience. It’s been a couple of years since MAJET has participated in this event, but we’ve always had a really great time, and we are really looking forward to joining KAJET this year!

While this event isn’t until October, we have to register by the end of August (yikes!), so if you are interested in participating, please review the information below and RSVP as soon as possible!


Dates: Saturday, October 28th- Sunday, October 29th
Race day starts early, and considering our commute we definitely think that driving all the way from Miyazaki on Sunday is a bad idea. That’s why KAJET has booked a few cabins for us all the hang out and spend the night at the night before the race!

Time: 3:00pm (Sat)~ 12:00pm (Sun)
Saturday afternoon and evening is our chance to mingle and get to know each other before the race. Feel free to bring any games or other activities to do! Check-in is from 3:00, but feel free to show up whenever! MAJET will be providing grills and eating utensils for an evening barbecue–just be sure to bring your own food and drinks!

Sunday morning we’ll head to the race site bright and early to check in by 7:45om. Opening ceremony is at 8:00, and then the races begin!

Location: Sata Dayland (map)
Meet us at Sata Dayland for the evening barbecue and cabin shenanigans. The race itself will be held at Nejime port (map), which is about a 40 minute drive from the campground.

Camping and Race Participant- 3000円
Camping and Race Alternate- 1500円 (3000円 if upgraded)
Camping and Race Non-participant- 1500円
Non-Camping, Race Non-participant- free!

*Because this is a joint event, there are no member/non-member prices


We’ll be mixing it up with KAJET and forming teams together! Each team is comprised of 10 people: 8 rowers, 1 drummer, and 1 skipper (the person steering the boat) in each boat.  Please select what position you would like on your RSVP form. We cannot guarantee that you will get your choice, but we’ll try our best!

Each team is also required to have two alternates, who will participate should one of the team members be unable to. Please be aware that the event cost may change depending on if you are called up to race.

If you want to attend the event but don’t want to get on the boat, don’t worry! This event is open to non-racers as well. Our teams will need all the support they can get!


Please RSVP via this Google form no later than Friday, August 25th! Once you RSVP, you will be responsible for your participation fee, so please consider carefully before submitting your form.




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