Let’s Volunteer at the Miyazaki International Christmas Market!

Hey there! Are you sticking around the ‘Zak for the winter holidays and looking for a way to experience some holiday festivities? Do you enjoy volunteering and spending time with kids? Look no further than Miyazaki Municipal University!

With the help of Sascha Klinger (former Miyazaki City CIR), the folks at Miyazaki City Hall, and your very own MAJET, MMU is hosting the 5th Annual Miyazaki International Christmas Market!

Sascha began the tradition five years ago, and each year proves to be better and better. Much more than a mere market, this event boasts stage performances, special holiday workshops, festive treats, and more!

photo 1   photo 2

However, to truly make this event the best it can be, we need YOUR help! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please check out the details below.

The 5th Annual Miyazaki International Christmas Market

Location: Miyazaki Municipal University (MMU)

(close to Miyazaki Prefecture Cultural Park / Miyazaki Shrine)

Time: Tuesday, December 23 (National Holiday), 12:00-16:30


Ways to help:

Be a volunteer Santa or Santarina

We are looking for FOUR volunteers to dress in Santa/Santarina costumes to hand out treats and interact with the kids.photo 3

– preferred in couples (one Santa, one Santarina)

– Santa / Santarina costumes available upon request, or you can bring your own (please let us know if you will need one or not)

– shifts are from 12:30-14:30 and 14:30-16:30 (one couple at a time, so each Santa is active for 2 hours)

If you are interested in being a Santa or Santarina, please contact Sascha Klinger at MMU via phone at 070-5272-7770, or via email at sascha.klinger@googlemail.com, by Monday, December 15th.


Be a volunteer workshop helper

Help Cassie teach the kids about German Christmas traditions by showing them how to make a gingerbread house! photo 4We can continue the fun with some cookie decorating, as well.

– shifts can be arranged depending on the number of volunteers

If you are interested in helping with the gingerbread house workshop, please contact Cassie Conrad at MAJET via email at miyazakiajet@gmail.com by Monday, December 15th.


Make treats!

There can never be too many treats at a holiday celebration! Whip up a batch of Christmas cookies for the kids. photoYou can decorate them on your own, or leave them plain for the kids to decorate themselves! Whatever you can provide is sure to put a smile on every child’s face.

If you are interested in making Christmas treats, please contact Cassie Conrad at MAJET via email at miyazakiajet@gmail.com by Monday, December 15th.


Conditions for volunteering:

1. Each volunteer will receive a ¥500 voucher to use at the event

2. Expenses for workshops, etc. will be refunded in exchange of bills

3. No refund of travel expenses

4. ALT request forms for compensatory holidays are available from the Miyazaki International Association. Please consult your supervisor in advance.


Let’s Volunteer!

If you are interested in this great opportunity to provide Miyazaki’s residents with some holiday fun, please be sure to contact Sascha or Cassie by Monday, December 15th!


*Pictures provided by Edward Teo, CIR, Miyazaki City Hall

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