Let’s Volunteer at the Miyazaki International Christmas Market!

Hey there! Are you sticking around the ‘Zak for the winter holidays and looking for a way to experience some holiday festivities? Do you enjoy volunteering and spending time with kids? Look no further than Miyazaki Municipal University!

With the help of Sascha Klinger (former Miyazaki City CIR), the folks at Miyazaki City Hall, and your very own MAJET, MMU is hosting the 5th Annual Miyazaki International Christmas Market!

Sascha began the tradition five years ago, and each year proves to be better and better. Much more than a mere market, this event boasts stage performances, special holiday workshops, festive treats, and more!

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However, to truly make this event the best it can be, we need YOUR help! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please check out the details below. Continue reading

Your invitation to Sumo 2014 in Fukuoka!

Hakkeyoi はっけよい! *

Sumo is the national sport of Japan and there are six grand sumo tournaments each year. One of them is held here in Kyushu; specifically, in Fukuoka. While November may feel like it’s still a ways away, MAJET is extending you an invitation early to guarantee that we can get the best tickets possible to the tournament’s grand finale.

Here’s our invitation:

Let’s spend a weekend in Fukuoka!

On Saturday, November 22nd, we’ll meet in Fukuoka for dinner and a night on the town. MAJET is still finalizing the details of where we’ll be eating, but you can count on good food and drink, plus the excellent company.

Then, on Sunday the 23rd, we’ll attend the sumo tournament’s finale at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center from 1:00-6:00PM.

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The 2014 Welcome Party!

Each new year brings with it a slew of new JETs from far and wide. In honor of them, MAJET throws a big Welcome Party at the end of August. The occasion is generally grand and boisterous, and this year was no exception!

We held the event on August 22 at Barno2gatsu, on the second floor of the Miyazaki Art Center building downtown. The space was a bit cozy, but everyone had no problem mingling with each other.

The new JETs were identified with leis, though we suspect some may have migrated to other owners before night’s end.  😉 We also welcomed some non-JET foreigners to our lovely community and, of course, were happy to include our Japanese friends as well!

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Dragon Boats – Game on!

September 5th Update: We’ve had a couple last-minute cancellations, so reservations for the races are open again! Please note that positions remain available on first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay! We’ll also have a waiting line in case of other unexpected cancellations.

Every year, a rowdy bunch of Miyazakians invade Kagoshima for a boating weekend. Don’t run off to get your deck shoes; you won’t be needing those. Grab a costume instead!

That’s right, our boats are powered mostly by the power of our genki. Sure, we put our backs into it, but our costumes are what make the event tons of fun and truly memorable.

If you’ve ever rowed against a full team of burly Japanese firefighters who train in their spare time, you’ll know that a bunch of teachers is little to no match. Sure, we may not be able to beat them at their muscle-y game*, but none of them can beat the MAJET teams’ sheer genki power. Not one team!

We’re a bit slower than many of the others, but the crowds and the kids absolutely love our teams, and it’s always a special treat to be able to look a bit, say, silly, in another prefecture!

So pick a team, make your reservation, and get cracking on your team costumes, chants, and good vibes!

boat racers in nejime

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RSVP now: Annual MAJET Welcome Party

August 11 UPDATE: Due to the chance of rain, we’ve had to relocate the dinner to an indoor venue. Please note the changes in below in red.

The new JET year has started and there are many new faces to see throughout the prefecture. It’s about time we all got together to give our new JETs a great big ようこそ (welcome) and to have our new friends meet the rest of the JET participants. So, please join us for this year’s MAJET Welcome Party!

We’ll start the night off at Barno2Gatsu in the heart of downtown Miyazaki City for dinner, drinks, and mingling. Once we’re well fed and ‘hydrated,’ we’ll be off, Miyazaki-style, for a second round of evening adventures with a choice of karaoke downtown or a night of games at Round1 Stadium!

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The 2014 Leavers’ Party

The fourth of July was certainly a day to remember for many Miyazaki JETs. While those leaving us may not be returning to their homes until later this month or next, July 4 was the night when many ALTs, CIRs, and their non-JET friends came together for one last hurrah to honor our dear friends at the MAJET Leavers’ party.

This was the first event for the new 2014 MAJET Board, and it sure was a  blast! The party was held at Sky Gold on Tachibanadori in Miyazaki City. The space was cozy and classy, but not too formal, allowing the party-goers to dress up or dress down as they chose. Many people from all over Miyazaki came to celebrate and say goodbye to their friends.

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