Beach party, cabins, and games: a joint OitaJET and MAJET summer event

Summer is officially in the Kyushu air and we’ve come together with Oita JET to bring you the first event to celebrate the season’s arrival. Where else should one spend summer but by the beach?

On the weekend of June 13th and 14th, join Miyazaki AJET and Oita JET at Sumie beach, one of the best attractions in Nobeoka and a beach famous for its facilities, cleanliness, and clear waters. We will be renting either the cabins or the campgrounds at the Sumie Family Village, based on your stated preference! (Note: OitaJET and MAJET will be booking cabins separately, so your roommates will be your fellow Miyazakians.) Naturally, there will be barbeque grilling in the evening, so remember to bring your favourite foods and drinks!

MAJET and OitaJET are also working together to develop a series of team games to give the weekend a competitive edge and foster new friendships. Capture the flag with water guns? Ultimate frisbee? We’re still working on our choices and a schedule, so please feel free to submit your suggestions!! Don’t worry, participation in the games  is optional and we’ll still leave everyone plenty of time to relax and do their own thing over the weekend at this lovely site.


Photo of Sumie Beach, courtesy of Alissa!


The cabins come equipped with air-conditioning, a kitchen with a gas cooker, a bath & toilet, minifridge, a TV, as well as bedding for 5 people. You are welcome to bring your own bedding, and MAJET has 5 foam mats and 10 sleeping bags available to borrow. To rent a cabin, the cost per person decreases with more people: 1,700 yen for 5 people, 1,620 for 6, 1,540 for 7, or 1,480 for 8. The final cost each individual will pay will be determined by the number of people who RSVP for the cabins. The cabins’ available bedding will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those who would prefer to rent a campground, one space costs 3,250 yen for the group. Tents are provided by the establishment and sleep 5-6 people comfortably. Each division is also equipped with a cooking area, shower block, toilet, and 100V power supply.

MAJET’s tents, mats, and sleeping bags will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.



Click here to submit your RSVP for this event

The deadline to submit your RSVP form is Tuesday, June 9th.


Key info:

When & Where:
Arrive at Sumie Beach (map) starting at 10AM on Saturday, June 13th for hangouts in the surf and sun.

Public transportation:
If you are coming to Nobeoka by train, there is a bus that goes to and from Nobeoka Station to Sumie. The schedule for the bus is provided below.

Nobeoka → Sumie 9:14 – 10:54 – 12:54 – 13:59 – 16:14 – 17:14 – 18:14
Sumie → Nobeoka 7:05 – 8:21 – 9:26 – 10:31 – 12:34 – 14:29 – 16:34

Check In & Out:

Check-in to Sumie Family Village (map): campgrounds at 3PM, cabins at 4PM.
Check-out on June 14th at 1PM.

Here’s a map showing the short walk from Sumie Family Village to the beach.


Cost: your cabin or campground rental + 200 yen to cover charcoal and grill starter (supplied by MAJET)


See you in Sumie!!