New pages and refreshed content – come check out what MAJET is working on

Greetings, Miyazakians!

MAJET strives to make your time in Miyazaki the best experience it can be.

In addition to all the rad events we plan, we are also constantly working on the MAJET website to provide you with the best content possible about life and work in this vibrant prefecture. In the past year we have developed the blog, which covers a variety of topics including MAJET Events, Japanese history and culture, and more! We have also developed the Events in Miyazaki calendar, which is updated monthly with festival and event information around the prefecture.

Today we’d like to announce two new developments:

The JET Portal


Natural Disaster Preparedness and Evacuation Shelters


The JET Portal is designed for members of the JET Programme, and contains two sections: The JET Support System and the MAJET Teaching Materials Collection.

Whether you’re a JET experiencing a difficulty (of any kind) here in Miyazaki or if you want more information about the networks available to you in case of an issue, the new Support System page provides a thorough description of how the JET support system works in Miyazaki. This includes specific information about who to contact for what situations. Since the JET support system underwent some fundamental changes in 2014, this new guide will be useful for veteran JETs as well as future and current JETs.

The MAJET Teaching Materials Collection contains materials developed and recommended by Miyazaki JETs. Many of our materials come from the annual Skills Development Conference, held each year in Miyazaki City by and for all current JET Programme ALTs. The Collection featured on our website will be updated regularly with content from future SDC’s and other submissions we receive. If you have a resource which you would like to share with other JETs and ALTs, please feel free to submit it to us!


The Natural Disaster Preparedness and Evacuation Shelter page provides you with everything you need to know to stay safe before, after, and during an emergency. We’ve also developed a Google map that shows every single evacuation site in the prefecture. No matter where you are, should disaster strike, you’ll know where to go with this handy tool! Keep in mind, however, that cell phone services tend to be shut off in times of emergency, so you should familiarize yourself with the evacuation areas closest to your work, home, and extracurricular activities ahead of time.


But wait! There’s more…

We know that finding English information about living in and visiting Miyazaki can be very difficult, so we’ve also been working on updating our website content to be more informative. If you check out the Places to See section of the website, you’ll see some of the progress we’ve been making.

This project requires a lot of time and research to find restaurants, sightseeing spots, and other activities in each area of the prefecture, so it is still very much in development. In fact, if you have any suggestions to include, we would really appreciate it if you could send them our way. We look forward to adding your favourite local haunts to our pages!

There is so much to do and discover in our prefecture, and we want to share it with everyone! Stay tuned to the MAJET Facebook page and to our website for future developments towards this goal.