Website Updates- Come check out what your Comms Team has been working on!

Its summertime again, which for ALTs usually means lots of time sitting around at your desk not really doing much of anything… Unless you’re on the MAJET Communications Team, that is!

This summer, we’ve been working hard to update the website with new and refreshed content to make it your best source of information on all things Miyazaki! It is still very much a work in progress, so we apologize for the mess. However, there are a few things we’ve finished that we wanted to share with you! Continue reading

New pages and refreshed content – come check out what MAJET is working on

Greetings, Miyazakians!

MAJET strives to make your time in Miyazaki the best experience it can be.

In addition to all the rad events we plan, we are also constantly working on the MAJET website to provide you with the best content possible about life and work in this vibrant prefecture. In the past year we have developed the blog, which covers a variety of topics including MAJET Events, Japanese history and culture, and more! We have also developed the Events in Miyazaki calendar, which is updated monthly with festival and event information around the prefecture. Continue reading