Beach party, cabins, and games: a joint OitaJET and MAJET summer event

Summer is officially in the Kyushu air and we’ve come together with Oita JET to bring you the first event to celebrate the season’s arrival. Where else should one spend summer but by the beach?

On the weekend of June 13th and 14th, join Miyazaki AJET and Oita JET at Sumie beach, one of the best attractions in Nobeoka and a beach famous for its facilities, cleanliness, and clear waters. We will be renting either the cabins or the campgrounds at the Sumie Family Village, based on your stated preference! (Note: OitaJET and MAJET will be booking cabins separately, so your roommates will be your fellow Miyazakians.) Naturally, there will be barbeque grilling in the evening, so remember to bring your favourite foods and drinks!

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Miyazaki’s “summer” fruit is actually best enjoyed in spring

The following is an article that was written by one of your fellow MAJETers. It was published in AJET Connect Magazine’s April 2015 issue.
It is posted here with the author’s permission and some extra pix 😉.


If you’ve ever visited southern Kyushu, but especially if you’ve visited Miyazaki, you’ll no doubt have seen the vibrantly yellow omiyage boxes on display at the train and bus stations. Miyazaki has a few claims to fame when it comes to food, including apple mangoes and charcoal grilled chicken, but its shining star is without question the hyuganatsu. Mangoes are incredibly expensive and the chicken takes a special hand to get just right, but hyuganatsu are readily available at any grocery store, if not your neighbour’s garden. So what is the story behind this citrus, seen suspended like little suns across the orchards of southern Kyushu?

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Kero Kero Bonito – The Bilingual Beats You Need To Hear

The following is an article that was written by one of your fellow MAJETers. It was published in AJET Connect Magazine’s March 2015 issue.
It is posted here with the author’s permission and some extra pix ;).


Gus, Jamie, and Sarah, the trio that make up Kero Kero Bonito, are a group of young people in London whose music has been taking off at laser speeds. They recorded their first album independently in the summer of 2013 and re-released it through Double Denim Records last August. It brought nods of approval from producers like Blackbird Blackbird, features by The Guardian, DIY Mag, and Pitchfork, plus special edition album art commissioned by Tower Records. It’s clear that the beats are resounding across the globe and that the message, in all its bilingual glory, is coming through.

Their music is fresh – it’s really the only word that comes to mind. Light and poppy, nostalgic but new, and above all, unique. Fittingly, no one has seemed able to nail just how to describe it, with tags ranging from “contemporary J-pop” to “turn-based RPG soundtracks.” Kero Kero Bonito, though, have wrapped it into something that commands listening to: bilingual schoolyard dancehall.

Click on Sarah’s awesome artwork throughout the article
to listen to the debut EP!

Small Town

Sick Beat

Pocket Crocodile

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Nabé Time!

Another winter season has almost come and gone, but before it ends, we were wondering:

Have you cracked out your nabe pot yet?

These little beauties are wonderful for dropping everything that you love into a pot and letting the magic work. If you’ve never made nabe before or are looking for something new to inspire you, we have two recipes to share today! Take them as a starting point to work off of: substitute dashi with chicken broth or miso, chicken with pork or stay vegetarian, and swap out noodles in the pot for rice on the side, carrots for sweet potatoes, plus anything else you can think of!

どうぞめしあがれ (douzo meshiagare) !

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Your invitation to Sumo 2014 in Fukuoka!

Hakkeyoi はっけよい! *

Sumo is the national sport of Japan and there are six grand sumo tournaments each year. One of them is held here in Kyushu; specifically, in Fukuoka. While November may feel like it’s still a ways away, MAJET is extending you an invitation early to guarantee that we can get the best tickets possible to the tournament’s grand finale.

Here’s our invitation:

Let’s spend a weekend in Fukuoka!

On Saturday, November 22nd, we’ll meet in Fukuoka for dinner and a night on the town. MAJET is still finalizing the details of where we’ll be eating, but you can count on good food and drink, plus the excellent company.

Then, on Sunday the 23rd, we’ll attend the sumo tournament’s finale at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center from 1:00-6:00PM.

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