Beach sports in the grey: our weekend in Sumie!

While only 1mm of rain was forecasted, a full day of drizzle didn’t stop MAJET and OitaJET from coming together at Sumie beach last weekend to have a blast! The weather may have put a dampener on the majority of peeps taking part in the sporting events, but plenty of hangouts were had under the shelter of the glamorous bathroom area and a few sandburns were happily earned in games of Ultimate Frisbee and beach soccer. Followed by evening grilling, a few drinking games, plenty of live music and DIY karaoke, a grandiose blanket fort, and some skinny dipping in the ocean, the weekend was a grand success. Below are just a few photos we collected over the weekend. You can check out the full album on our Facebook group! (sorry, you’ll have to be a member of the group to see them)

*Photos submitted by Cassie Conrad