Join us for the 2016 Welcome Party!

Can you believe that August is soon upon us?  Neither can we!  But with summer vacation just around the corner, that means it’s time to meet a new batch of Miyazaki JETs! Please join us for one of the biggest events of the year—the Welcome Party!

This year, we are giving the new JETs a crash course on Japanese cuisine by having our welcome party at Kurogiya, a cozy izakaya on Tachibana-dori.  After we have enjoyed their delicious set menu and taken full advantage of their 3 hour nomihodai (all you can drink), we will continue to party the night away by hopping over to K-Bar, a popular nightspot within the JET community. Continue reading

The 2014 Welcome Party!

Each new year brings with it a slew of new JETs from far and wide. In honor of them, MAJET throws a big Welcome Party at the end of August. The occasion is generally grand and boisterous, and this year was no exception!

We held the event on August 22 at Barno2gatsu, on the second floor of the Miyazaki Art Center building downtown. The space was a bit cozy, but everyone had no problem mingling with each other.

The new JETs were identified with leis, though we suspect some may have migrated to other owners before night’s end.  😉 We also welcomed some non-JET foreigners to our lovely community and, of course, were happy to include our Japanese friends as well!

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RSVP now: Annual MAJET Welcome Party

August 11 UPDATE: Due to the chance of rain, we’ve had to relocate the dinner to an indoor venue. Please note the changes in below in red.

The new JET year has started and there are many new faces to see throughout the prefecture. It’s about time we all got together to give our new JETs a great big ようこそ (welcome) and to have our new friends meet the rest of the JET participants. So, please join us for this year’s MAJET Welcome Party!

We’ll start the night off at Barno2Gatsu in the heart of downtown Miyazaki City for dinner, drinks, and mingling. Once we’re well fed and ‘hydrated,’ we’ll be off, Miyazaki-style, for a second round of evening adventures with a choice of karaoke downtown or a night of games at Round1 Stadium!

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