The MAJET Guide to Large Group Karaoke

With the Welcome Party upon us, we’d like to take a moment to go over some karaoke basics. Whether this is your first time in a large group, or you’re the veteran of many large karaoke parties, take a moment to consider the following guidelines:

  1. Pick a song; Pass it on. Put in one song and then pass on the machine. Don’t clog up the queue with multiple songs in a row. In a 2 hour session, you get about 30 songs total. Do a quick headcount. How many songs should you have in? (Hint for the mathematically challenged: 1 or 2.)
  2. Don’t diss people’s music taste. I don’t care if they want to sing a Justin Bieber death metal cover. Someone picked that song because they like it and nothing kills their joy faster than someone drunkenly insulting their song.
  3. Don’t steal people’s songs. The person who put it in gets the mike. Maybe you can sing backup, but don’t steal the show. If two different people picked the same song, janken it out.
  4. Help out but don’t hog the limelight. Some people like to sing with others. Some people put on a song and realize it’s way too hard. Save people who are floundering!
  5. Mind the mood. Limit sad, slow songs, and songs that only you or one other person know. If you can sing 25 different songs, pick the one that most people will know. Upbeat songs that get everyone singing are the best vibes.
  6. Have fun! Some people are amazing singers; some people are terrible or shy. Everyone came to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. There will be many, many karaoke opportunities this year!