Dragon Boats – Whose side are you on?

8/31/15: Please note the change of date in the details below!

Dig out that super suit and summon your minions because it’s time for the most exciting boating event to hit the MAJET calendar this year! That’s right! It’s time for the Kagoshima Nejime Dragon Boats Competition, and this year we are looking for our most heroic (and villainous) members of MAJET to join our teams!

This event involves heading down to Kagoshima for a good old-fashioned spot of sailing complete with themes, costumes, inspirational chants and a healthy bucket-load of Miyazaki Genki!! What we may lack in strength we make up for in fervour, and although we may not be any real match for the hard-core Japanese teams, we sure give it everything we’ve got and the locals love us for that! Finishing a reputable 55th and 74th out of 86 teams in 2014, there’s everything to play for this year, so take a look at the details below and decide…Whose side are you on?


superhero_hyunaBatman and the Joker, Sherlock and Moriarty, Luke and Vader, Harry and Voldemort, Chuck Norris and himself, Rocky and speech correction, Taylor Swift and haters. Nothing says “ultimate battle” like the timeless duality of good and evil, light and dark, heroes and villains. So now after much waiting, its finally here, the ultimate answer to the age old question: “who would win in a boat race, Doctor Who or a Dalek?”

So, choose your side, and together with your team bring balance to the force….or
annihilate the world…whichever.

Team 1 – Heroes “In the name of the moon, I will punish you!”

It’s time to be the hero that Miyazaki needs. Ask your honey where your super suit is, so you can flame on, suit up, and slay some dragons Leeroy Jenkins style. You are the goodies, the nice guys, defenders of worlds and savers of cats. Truth, Justice and the Miyazaki way is your mantra. So listen to your wise master, practice that patronus, summon your spirit bombs, power your greyskulls, and get ready to go from zero to hero.

Team 2 – Villians – “You’re a monster!” “Really? I thought I was a Capricorn!”

For your guys it’s simply doing the same thing you do every day, trying to take over the world and reach the finish line first. Time to put those dark desires, corrupt thoughts, failed lab experiments and skull themed clothing to good (bad?) use. Be prepared, rehearse that maniacal laugh, fish out that misplaced one ring and release the kraken. It’s true that our success rates have not been favourable, but then, what’s that phrase about nice guys? Just try not to reveal all our secret plans!

Each team is comprised of 12 people. 8 rowers, 1 drummer, and 1 skipper (the person steering the boat) in each boat. The race organizers also require that each team have 2 backups/cheerleaders. Seeing as it’s possible that the backup/cheerleaders won’t get to race, we’re offering a ¥1,000 discount to these people.


Bungalow Barbecue

The race venue is in Kagoshima, and there is no public transportation in the area. If you don’t have a car, there will be carpools, so please don’t worry.

Race Day starts early, and considering our commute we definitely think that driving all the way from Miyazaki on race-day is a bad idea. That’s why we’ve booked a few cabins at Ohama Seaside Park to spend the night in before our races. We’ll have plenty of time on Saturday evening to enjoy a delicious barbecue and get to work making our team flags to be ready for Sunday morning.

After the Race: Nejime Onsen

Thanks to the kind consideration of the race organisers, participants in the race are given free onsen tickets for the Nejime Onsen to rest our tired and weary bones! It’s a really big onsen with all kinds of soaking pools, including a strange electric pool, a huge sauna, and more!

nejime onsen

Price, Details and making your reservation

  • Dates: October 31st (arrive 5pm) and November 1st (depart by 2pm)
  • Dragon Boat Race location: Minami Osumi, Kagoshima (map)
  • Cabin location: Ohama Seaside Park (map)
  • Price: ¥3500 MAJET members, ¥4000 non-MAJET members, with a ¥1000 discount for backup/cheerleaders.

To make your reservation, simply fill out this form. This is a very popular event and seats are limited to 24, so don’t delay.

Spots are first-come, first-served. Once the teams are filled, we will start a waiting list in case any team members find themselves unable to participate.

The deadline to apply is Monday, September 28th.

And don’t forget darlings…no capes!