Ice Skating in Ebino 2015

On the weekend of February 21st, we organized a little trip into the mountains of Ebino for some ice skating. A grand total of 24 people came out to get their don’t-fall-on-the-ice game on!

Everyone gathered and entered the Ebino Kougen Ice Skating Rink a little after noon. Per our agreement with the rink staff, skates had been set aside for those who had provided their shoe sizes and we still had the option to swap in for a different size to find that perfect fit.

We all hit the ice, pros and newbies alike, and everyone was fantastic about helping each other have a great time! Chairs on skates were available to rent for those less adept on their blades, and they also provided for some great laughs.

Gradually, our large posse split up into groups for lunch, adventuring to everything from udon stalls alongside the rink to sit-down restaurants for a chance to warm up our hands around a cup of hot tea. By 4PM, it was a MAJET party once again in the nearby cafe, where everyone had reconvened for drinks and ice cream before saying goodbye.

Check out  the shenanigans in the gallery below and see you on the ice again next year!

*Photos by Jo Gwinnet, Larissa Milo-Dale, Rick & Martha Snyder, Simone Armer, Julia Kingham, and Alex Wetnight

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