Valentine’s Skate in Ebino 2016

Hello, friends! February is here, which means red hearts and chocolates are popping up everywhere. This Valentine’s Day, we shyly invite you to go on a skate with us.

skating_hyuna (1)

Join MAJET for a Valentine’s Skate in Ebino! Whether you already have someone special you wanna bring or you just wanna chill with friends, we can promise you’ll feel warm inside as you enjoy the last bit of cold outside. We’ll meet at the ice rink to glide (or chair or fall) across the ice, and afterwards those who like hot baths can hit up one of the many nearby onsen to relax.

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The Details

When: Sunday, February 14, at 11:30 a.m.
*Please be on time! We must all enter together as a group in order to receive the discounted rate. If you arrive late, you will not get the group rate, and you may jeopardize the group rate for the other guests.

Where: Ebino Highlands Ice Skating Rink
えびの高原アイススケート場 (Ebino Kōgen Aisusukēto Jō)
889-4302 宮崎県えびの市大字末永1489

Cost: 1450円 This price includes discounted admission and skate rental (price for a group of less than twenty is 1650円).
Parking at the rink is 500円. We recommend carpooling.
*If you visit the onsen after, the price is an additional 500円-700円, depending on the venue you choose.

Lunch: Everyone is responsible for purchasing their own food. There is a cafe serving udon and other snacks at the rink, as well as a few other restaurants in the souvenir shop and hotel nearby.

Transportation: There is no public transportation to the ice skating rink, so please plan accordingly. MAJET will attempt to organise carpooling for those who want to come but don’t have transport, but we cannot guarantee spaces. We recommend you organise with friends beforehand!

Please RSVP here by Wednesday, February 10th, to receive the discounted rate. (Sorry about the late notice–the unusually warm weather this year requires an early skate date.)
*We cannot include you in the group price without a response. Be sure to fill in your shoe size as well, so the skating rink can prepare our skates ahead of time.

Feel free to bring Valentines to share! We can’t promise romance, but we can promise lots of love and maybe a special treat!


*In the event that the weather is too warm for ice skating, we can enjoy hiking the beautiful Ikemeguri Trail and check out the lake that was the original ice skating rink! So bring your hiking shoes, just in case.