Valentine’s Skate in Ebino 2016

Hello, friends! February is here, which means red hearts and chocolates are popping up everywhere. This Valentine’s Day, we shyly invite you to go on a skate with us.

skating_hyuna (1)

Join MAJET for a Valentine’s Skate in Ebino! Whether you already have someone special you wanna bring or you just wanna chill with friends, we can promise you’ll feel warm inside as you enjoy the last bit of cold outside. We’ll meet at the ice rink to glide (or chair or fall) across the ice, and afterwards those who like hot baths can hit up one of the many nearby onsen to relax. Continue reading

Volunteer Opportunities at the Miyazaki International Christmas Market 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–when KFC just doesn’t cut it and homesickness sets in. Beat that blue Christmas with some volunteering! It’s the perfect way to jingle mingle in the true spirit of the season.

With the help of Sascha Klinger (former Miyazaki City CIR), the folks at Miyazaki City Hall, and your very own MAJET, Miyazaki Municipal University is hosting the 6th Annual Miyazaki International Christmas Market!

Sascha brought the European tradition to Miyazaki six years ago, and each year it gets better! Even if you come as a mere spectator, you can enjoy Christmas treats from around the world, fun workshops, and stage performances. Continue reading

Setting Good Pred-cedent

This one’s for you, leaving friends. We figured you are going for the title of Most Perfect Amazing Superhero Predecessor Ever, in addition to sit-squeezing stuffed Hello Kitties into your suitcase, processing 3.5 million forms, and cry-singing songs (all probably named “Sakura”) at nightly goodbye karaoke parties. Continue reading