Setting Good Pred-cedent

This one’s for you, leaving friends. We figured you are going for the title of Most Perfect Amazing Superhero Predecessor Ever, in addition to sit-squeezing stuffed Hello Kitties into your suitcase, processing 3.5 million forms, and cry-singing songs (all probably named “Sakura”) at nightly goodbye karaoke parties.

There are enough horror stories about bad predecessors out there to make any good JET blush. So here are some good ones. We asked some 1st year ALTs the question, “What is something above and beyond that your predecessor did that really helped you when you arrived in Japan?”

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IMG_4598 スライド4

And a few other things that would be helpful?

  • Leave a detailed explanation of how to use that shower. You know, the one with 340 knobs and a real fire in its bowels.
  • Leave the apartment number and contact information of a kind neighbor (NOT the grumpy grandma), just in case the new you gets heat stroke on their first night here.
  • Leave a little map with directions to the necessities—Wifi and food (in that order).
  • Leave enough gas in the car to, you know, go get gas.
  • Oh! And definitely don’t leave your apartment filled with moldy walls, all your many-legged friends, and last week’s Foodaly Dr. Pepper that spilled on the tatami. Because karma is a b… othersome thing to deal with.

At the very least, try to remember how you felt your first week in Japan, and try to alleviate a little of that stress for your successor. Yeah, these are all extra things, and maybe your predecessor was a total jerkwad and didn’t even do the bare minimum, but we know that you are SuperPred (even if that does sound a little weird).