`Twas the 6th Annual Christmas Market

‘Twas the night before Market, when in ‘Zak City,
Seven sleepy elves gathered to make cookies pretty.
The icing was dried in Chelsea’s kitchen with care
In hopes that the cookies would sell with great flair.

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The next day, the 19th, fifteen friendly volunteers
Brought smiles and Santa hats and lots of Christmas cheer.
We iced crackers, stuck candy, stuffed plates in small bags,
Sold cookies, wore costumes (with all that North Pole swag).

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And at the end of the day, we put on a show.
We sang “Rudolph,” “Santa Baby” and, of course, “Let It Go.”
After Santa-ing. singing, icing, and selling,
Twisted ankles and drooped shoulders became rather telling.

BLOG Miyazacappella 1.jpg  

So we hopped in our cars and we scooted away,
But MAJET didn’t really have much time to say,
A big thanks to all! We felt your genki cheer!
Merry Christmas to you! Hope to see you next year!


The Details

On December 19th, MAJET teamed up with Miyazaki Municipal University, Miyazaki City International Association, and several local volunteer organizations to make a truly memorable 6th Annual Miyazaki International Christmas Market for the local community.

For the second year in a row, we provided the materials for Candy Houses and helped kids build them. It was one of the most popular workshops at the event, with about 100 houses being built! In addition, six generous MAJETers donned Santa costumes and brought smiles to kids` faces with their jolly antics and free candy provided by MCIA. And to close the day, the entire group plus the newly-formed Miyazacappella put on a thrilling caroling performance that got the crowd singing along. We are also very pleased to announce that for the first time, MAJET made, decorated, and sold Christmas cookies at the event, bringing in 17,100 yen. As a result, we were able to completely self-fund our workshop! Click here to see our Facebook album!

As our biggest volunteer event of the year, it was a huge endeavor requiring lots of Christmas spirit and teamwork. Many thanks to Jaclyn, Carmen, Dalin, Jodi, Cassie, Taylor, Beth, Jo, Kyle, Chelsea, Diane, Ian, Hiro, Tim, Tamlyn, Makailey, Edward, Saeko, and Mami!

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Photo creds to Jodi Dobinsky, Edward Teo, Chelsea Ida, Saeko Sato, and Beth Harven.