Let’s Support Kumamoto!

Good morning, MAJETers

As you all know, our neighbors in Kumamoto have been experiencing terrible earthquakes. We’ve felt the aftershocks ourselves, but we can’t begin to imagine what our friends near the epicenter are going through. Buildings have crumbled, roads have collapsed, even Kumamoto Castle has suffered damage as a result. But it’s not just the structures, it’s what they represent. Those buildings were homes; those roads were access to food, shelter, friends, and family; the castle is an important piece of cultural history. And none of these things can even compare to the loss loved ones and friends.

Let us all take a moment to think about those who have been affected.

In response to these events, we wanted to help our friends in need. This year, thanks to the resourcefulness of our planners and the work of our volunteers, we were able to host last Saturday’s Amazing Race event for less than its anticipated cost. As a result, MAJET has decided to donate the remaining money, a total of 13,552 yen, to the Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Fund.

You can help, too! There are many groups and organizations in need of cash donations to help cover the costs of supplies, resources, and transportation so they can operate shelters, begin cleanup, and start preparing for reconstruction.

Ways to donate:support hyuna cropped

1. Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Fund
Send a bank transfer (furikomi 振り込み) directly to the fund. This can be done via ATMs, but can also be done at the desk. The information for a bank transfer is as follows:
– Bank and Branch Name (銀行・支店名):
Higo Bank Kumamoto Kencho Branch (肥後銀行県庁支店)
– Bank Account Type (口座の種類): Checking (当座)
– SWIFT Code/ BIC Code (overseas): HIGOJPJT
– Bank Account Number  (口座番号): 1639261
– Bank Account Name (口座名義):
Kumamoto Jishin Gienkin (クマモトジシンギエンキン)
– Address (住所):  Kumamoto City Chuo-ku 6-18-1 (熊本市中央区6-18-1)

2. Food Bank Kagoshima
Food Bank Kagoshima is sending trucks with food and blankets straight into the disaster zone. They need money for gasoline and other transportation expenses. You can donate online at Just Giving, or by Post Office transfer:
Name: Food Bank Kagoshima
No. 01720-5-122835

3. Peace Winds Japan
Peace Winds Japan is a disaster relief group dedicated to giving humanitarian aid worldwide in times of conflict or natural disaster. While you can donate to the group in general, they also have a specific fund set up for Kumamoto earthquake relief.

4. The Association for Aid and Relief, Japan
AAR Japan is another worldwide conflict and natural disaster relief group. You can donate directly to the Kumamoto cause, or to the group as a whole.

5. Global Giving UK
Global Giving UK supports disaster relief all over the world, and they currently have 3 projects collecting donations for the Kumamoto earthquake.

6. Ready For?
The Tsunagari Project raises funds to dispatch volunteers and supplies to disaster areas, helping to clear destruction and rebuild homes and schools. In the past, they have helped in Nepal and after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011. Their Kumamoto Disaster Relief Fund, hosted on Ready For?, has already earned over 8 million yen.

7. Generosity, by Indiegogo
If you’d like your donation to be part of a larger gift, or if you are reading from outside Japan and cannot do a direct bank transfer, you might want to consider donating to Micaela Anne’s 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund campaign. A former Kumamoto resident now living in Fukuoka, Micaela Anne has raised over $10,000 USD in the past day. She will be giving all of the donations collected directly to the prefectural government at the end of the month.

8. Yahoo! Japan
Yahoo! Japan is accepting donations online, and will match up to 20,000,000yen. You can even donate your T-points!

9. Japan Airlines
Exchange your JAL miles for donations. For every mile you give, 1 yen will be donated towards disaster relief efforts in Kumamoto.

10. Japanese Red Cross Society
The Japanese Red Cross Society has provided much assistance in response to the Kumamoto disaster, and will always appreciate donations. However, keep in mind that you cannot choose what relief efforts your donation will actually go to. Japan Post is also offering free remittance services to JCRS from April 18-June 30. Remittance can be arranged at the savings window.

Every little bit we can give will help, so please consider donating to one of these groups. When volunteer opportunities arise, MAJET will be sure to let you know as well.

Let’s all work together to help our neighbors and give them the support they need!

Please keep Kumamoto in your thoughts.