If Life Were a Videogame…

…it might be something like the 2016 Amazing Race!

This year marked our fifth year holding the race, and we had a great mix of Miyazaki residents (both native and foreign), as well as several guests from outside the prefecture!


The race was the weekend following the Kumamoto earthquake, and there was some concern over whether to go through with it. However, we didn’t want to let down everyone who had arrived that morning hoping for a bit of fun to take their minds off the tragic news.

Our theme was videogames! Each race station acted as a “Level” in the overall quest to complete the race. Each Level was based on a popular videogame. We used a fair mix of classic console games and newer cellphone games as inspiration.

The teams had a great time completing each challenge! Experienced gamers were able to put their knowledge to the test, while casual gamers were able to just have fun trying something new. Some teams completed the challenges so fast that the race volunteers had to hurry to keep up with them!

We had a really great time organizing the race this year, and can’t wait to unveil the theme for next year’s race!

The proceeds from the race were donated to the Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Fund.

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