Vote now for the 2016-2017 Block 11 AJET Representative!

Only one week left to vote in the Block 11 reelection!

The reelection closes on Wednesday, June 8th. To help you decide who you want to vote for, MAJET got in touch with our two candidates, CJ Fischer of Okinawa and ***, and asked them about their ideas to bring the prefectures together and keep them connected. Check out each candidate’s message below and cast your votes!

CJOkinawa JET, CJ Fischer

Haisai Miyazaki JET’s! My name is CJ and I’m an Elementary School ALT in Nakijin Okinawa. When I heard about the Block 11 AJET rep elections I decided to run with three goals in mind. I want to empower, represent, and connect the members of Block 11. My first two goals can be reached through consistent communication. Sharing lifehacks, listening to concerns about JET life, and conveying information from the National JET community with everyone. As the most spread out block, the final goal is a larger challenge.

Basically, Block 11 would have 4 major events spread out throughout the year where each prefecture would host and “show us what you’ve got.” Local JET’s could share the secret treasures of their home that the average tourist is unaware of and help cut costs by offering to host our peers. Due to many people taking advantage of larger holidays to do bigger trips, these would happen over various 3 day weekends.

In addition to these cornerstones, the local events each block has could be opened to members of other prefectures. I would receive the details from local AJET leaders, and consolidate these in an email/fb post to inform everyone.

I am aware that my goals are only possible if I have your support. If you would like to support me please check out my official platform here, check out this video, and put a “1” next to my name on the survey here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you very much!

6/17/17: The second candidate from this election has asked us to remove their information from the site.

So there you have it! You can check out both candidates’ platforms on the National AJET website here, and make sure your voice is represented by casting your vote here.