Miyazaki’s “summer” fruit is actually best enjoyed in spring

The following is an article that was written by one of your fellow MAJETers. It was published in AJET Connect Magazine’s April 2015 issue.
It is posted here with the author’s permission and some extra pix 😉.


If you’ve ever visited southern Kyushu, but especially if you’ve visited Miyazaki, you’ll no doubt have seen the vibrantly yellow omiyage boxes on display at the train and bus stations. Miyazaki has a few claims to fame when it comes to food, including apple mangoes and charcoal grilled chicken, but its shining star is without question the hyuganatsu. Mangoes are incredibly expensive and the chicken takes a special hand to get just right, but hyuganatsu are readily available at any grocery store, if not your neighbour’s garden. So what is the story behind this citrus, seen suspended like little suns across the orchards of southern Kyushu?

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