MAJET 2016 Needs YOU!

Is there an unknown events coordinator hidden inside that ALT exterior?  Or are you a connector, eager to bring the local community and the foreign community together? Maybe you’re super creative, full of ideas for events, blog content, or helpful tips for people living in Miyazaki, but there’s not much of an outlet for your creativity at work? Or, maybe you just want to work on your management skills and build up your resume?

Let’s just be real: we need you! This year, MAJET had only six members, and it wasn’t
nearly enough to make MAJET all the awesome it should be. From the end of May, we are hoping to have a team of about ten cool people to help organize exciting events, get ALTs involved in the local community, and keep our website relevant.

It’s time for a new MAJET Committee to take the reins for 2016-2017!

We need some charismatic, outgoing people to represent our group, and some tech-savvy writers and influencers to help keep our blog and communications running smoothly!

If you are interested in volunteering, or want to recommend someone, fill out this form before April 15th to let us know!

Join us in getting involved and giving back! You can read more details below.



So, what is MAJET, anyway?

MAJET is a volunteer group of Miyazaki JETs. Our goal is to serve as a positive social gathering force to support JETs, other expats, and Japanese residents of Miyazaki to build a community within our prefecture. We do this by organizing events as well as by creating dynamic content for our website and Facebook pages about these events, Japanese culture, and tourism in Miyazaki. In the past, MAJET has also occasionally helped with volunteering and other inter-cultural events within Miyazaki, and this year we want to ramp up that aspect even more.

Over the course of the year, the committee meets to discuss ideas, make plans, and work together to achieve these goals. You can read a more in-depth explanation of the organization on this page.


What does a committee member need to do?

Each year the MAJET Committee is slightly different, as roles are formed around the interests and goals of each member. Generally speaking, event planning, coordinating meetings, accounting, website development and blogging, emails and Facebook posts, and translation are the primary responsibilities of the committee. But this year, we’re trying something new. We’ve split the overall MAJET Committee into four teams, so that each member can work on his or her own goals, and responsibility is better delegated.

Here are the specific roles. You can read more details here.

Recruit Admin TeamRecruitment Blog and Email (5)                 Recruit Events Team          Recruit Community Outreach Team

Of course, there is plenty of crossover and task-sharing depending on the events and projects carried out and the actual committee that we build.


How long does a committee member need to serve?

The length of term for a MAJET Committee member is one year, from May to around the same time the following year, when the next committee is ready to take over.

How much of my time will it take?

Honestly, the time you spend on MAJET is up to you. If you want to be more involved, take a lead position. If you want to help out on the periphery, take a support role. Maybe you just want to contribute blog posts once a month? That’s okay! MAJET is a volunteer group, so anything you can offer is above and beyond. With our new team system, the time you spend on MAJET will be even more in your own hands.

Where do I sign up?

So who is interested in volunteering and making some spectacular events happen throughout 2016-2017? Or, if you are not interested in volunteering yourself, you can nominate someone you think would make a radical MAJET Committee member, whether for their great activity ideas, teamwork talent, positive initiative, or any other skill that would make them a good leader.


Volunteering for MAJET is a great opportunity to get to know the community, learn some new skills, and form bonds with other members of your team, and we are excited to see what this year’s team will look like.


FYI: The nomination deadline is April 15. Nominations do not guarantee actual roles. Once we have all the nominations in on April 15, we will contact the nominees and plan a meeting to decide roles.