Meet Me in Miyazaki!

One of Miyazaki’s biggest and most exciting festivals, the Cape Toi Fire Festival, will be held on the 25th-26th of August this year. For those who don’t know, the Fire Festival features locals slinging lit torches towards the top of a 100-foot pole in order to light it: a sight not to be missed!

So that our new arrivals don’t miss out on this amazing festival, MAJET is planning a nearby welcome barbecue before the festival, so it’s a truly unforgettable weekend! Senpais, reach out to our newest additions by offering them a lift and let’s give them a proper welcome to beautiful, sunny Miyazaki!!

2017 Welcome Weekend

The 2017 Welcome Weekend consists of three events you can participate in. Join us for one, two, or all three! On your RSVP forms, please indicate which events you will be attending.

We’ll be starting with a BYO food/drinks Beach BBQ beside the crystal clear waters of Kushima’s Ishinami Beach and Kojima Island. Beach activities such as volleyball, frisbee, and capture the flag will be available. MAJET will be providing grills, dishes, and utensils, but you’ll need to bring your own food and drinks.

After the BBQ, we’ll be heading to the Fire Festival where MAJET will have reserved a space to watch the fiery show! Once the festival is over, you can make your way home, or join us for the final event—camping!

Event 1: Beach BBQ

When: Saturday 26th August
Time: 12:00-3:00
Where: Ishinami Beach, Kushima (map)
〒889-3311 Miyazaki-ken,
Kushima-shi, Ichiki, 石波海岸
Cost: ¥100 MAJET Members, ¥200 Non-members
*Fee goes towards the purchase of charcoal, dishes, and utensils for the event

日時: 8月26日 (土曜日)
場所: 〒889-3311 宮崎県串間市大字市木石波海岸 (map)
費用:100円 (MAJETメンバー), 200円  (MAJETメンバー以外)

Event 2: Fire Festival

Time: Depart BBQ between 3:00 and 4:00pm
Or meet us there whenever!
Where: Cape Toi, Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture 888-0221 (map)
Cost: Free

場所: 〒888-0221 宮崎県串間市大納都井岬 (map)

Event 3: Overnight Stay

The festival is known to finish quite late at night so for those who do not want to drive all the way back home so late, two sleeping options are available.

Option 1

We’ve arranged tents at Sakaematsu Beach Camp in Nichinan, a 45 minute drive from the festival. Depending on how many people book tents, the final price for tent hire could be between ¥700-¥1000 per person. The final price will be confirmed closer to the date. Once you have committed to camping at Sakaematsu, you will be held accountable for the payment of the tent hire even if you decide to cancel. Please consider carefully.

Address: 4178-1 Nangōchō Nakamuraotsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-3204 (map)

Option 2

For those who are less inclined to camp but would still like to stay overnight, a nearby JET has offered their apartment as an alternative. However, spaces are limited to the first 7-8 people to request it. Please indicate on the RSVP form whether you’d like to stay at a fellow JET’s apartment.

Transportation Tips

Public transportation down south is limited. The nearest train station to Ishinami Beach is Kushima Station, which is a 30 minute drive or a 50 minute bus ride to the beach. There is no direct bus or train from Ishinami to Cape Toi, either, so we strongly suggest carpooling all around. Most new JETs won’t have cars yet so this is the Senpais’ chance to step up and help out as we were all helped in our first year!


To attend this event, please fill out this Google form before Monday, August 21st. Any RSVP forms received after this deadline will not be counted. If you’d like to invite guests, please ask them to submit their own RSVP form.


The aim of this event is to bring the Miyazaki JET community together to welcome the incoming JETs and show them a unique piece of Miyazaki. To accomplish this goal MAJET will coordinate to the best of its abilities transportation and overnight accommodation. With the combined cooperation of the JET community in this prefecture, we can all help to make this event a perfect way for the incoming JETs to start their Miyazaki experience!


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