Meet Me in Miyazaki!

One of Miyazaki’s biggest and most exciting festivals, the Cape Toi Fire Festival, will be held on the 25th-26th of August this year. For those who don’t know, the Fire Festival features locals slinging lit torches towards the top of a 100-foot pole in order to light it: a sight not to be missed!

So that our new arrivals don’t miss out on this amazing festival, MAJET is planning a nearby welcome barbecue before the festival, so it’s a truly unforgettable weekend! Senpais, reach out to our newest additions by offering them a lift and let’s give them a proper welcome to beautiful, sunny Miyazaki!!
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What to Wear in the Workplace

One of the most difficult parts of preparing to come to Japan is figuring out what to pack! This can be especially difficult for those of us who are more outgoing with our fashion choices. Japan is often viewed as a very conservative culture, and in many ways, that is true. There are many outfits which would be considered work-appropriate in the US and other western countries that would not go over well here. However, this doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your personal style.

It is important for us to try and fit into our workplaces, but it is also important for us to be ourselves and feel comfortable. The question is how to show off your unique fashion sense while still being office-appropriate. To help you with your planning, we talked to a bunch of current and former ALTs to get their perspective on “the clothing issue.” Continue reading

Join us for the 2016 Welcome Party!

Can you believe that August is soon upon us?  Neither can we!  But with summer vacation just around the corner, that means it’s time to meet a new batch of Miyazaki JETs! Please join us for one of the biggest events of the year—the Welcome Party!

This year, we are giving the new JETs a crash course on Japanese cuisine by having our welcome party at Kurogiya, a cozy izakaya on Tachibana-dori.  After we have enjoyed their delicious set menu and taken full advantage of their 3 hour nomihodai (all you can drink), we will continue to party the night away by hopping over to K-Bar, a popular nightspot within the JET community. Continue reading

The 2014 Welcome Party!

Each new year brings with it a slew of new JETs from far and wide. In honor of them, MAJET throws a big Welcome Party at the end of August. The occasion is generally grand and boisterous, and this year was no exception!

We held the event on August 22 at Barno2gatsu, on the second floor of the Miyazaki Art Center building downtown. The space was a bit cozy, but everyone had no problem mingling with each other.

The new JETs were identified with leis, though we suspect some may have migrated to other owners before night’s end.  😉 We also welcomed some non-JET foreigners to our lovely community and, of course, were happy to include our Japanese friends as well!

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Welcome Fellow Miyazakians!

With the start of the new JET year and the arrival of so many lovely faces to Miyazaki, MAJET wants to extend a special hello to all the new JETs who have just arrived to this beautiful part of the world. You may be weary-eyed from long flights, jet lag, and an intense few days at Tokyo orientation, but we want to make time to welcome you with open arms (Miyazakians are very welcoming) and wish you all that’s best as you get on your feet over the next few weeks.



Now that you know you’re not alone out here (woohoo!) and you feel fuzzy and warm inside (you do, right?) its time for the stuff. New friends, this post is mainly for you, though there are probably some senpais who would appreciate it as well.

In preparation for your arrival, we asked your senpai JETs for any useful tips or advice to pass on to you to help you settle in to your new homes. While every situation is truly different (believe us, we hate saying it as much as you hate hearing it), hopefully their stories will make you feel less alone, and their advice will help you feel more prepared to take on the many new challenges you will encounter in your first few weeks.

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