Food & Drink

Aoshima Beach Park (map)
During the warmer months (late April to the end of October) shipping-container restaurants pop up on the beachfront in a hip surfer village known as Aoshima Beach Park.

Bondi Cafe (map)
The popular Bondi Cafe inside the ANA Holiday Inn Resort garden is a perfect for great coffee and acai smoothie bowls.

Fujiyama Pudding (map)
The new curry restaurant Fujiyama Pudding is a crisp white building near the pedestrian bridge and makes the best taco rice in Aoshima.

Cafe Zeal (map)
If you have a car, take a ten-minute drive into the mountains to Cafe Zeal to enjoy its healthy macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan AND gluten free buffet and even healthier mountain views. The food is so clean and well prepared that you’ll hardly miss the meat at all! We highly recommend the pasta and fake-chicken salad. Cafe Zeal is only open 11:30am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday so get in quick!

The Good Days (map)
Five minutes north on 220 is retro American style diner The Good Days, where you can relish melt-in-your-mouth burgers. The tacos, parfaits, cakes and steak meals are all high up on our recommendations list. You’ll need a few visits to truly appreciate this Aoshima gem.

Bon Delice (map)
This bakery slash supermarket stocks the most scrumptious baked goods and even imports some of international favourites. The deli and cheese sections are a life saver.

Aoshima is slightly lacking in convenience stores, but there is one within walking distance of the main bridge.