Aya Suspension Bridge
Following the road west for a ways will lead you to the Aya Suspension Bridge that spans the valley. Built in March,1984, it’s 250 meters long, and 142 meters high, making it the second highest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan. The views are breathtaking, especially in late March when the mountains are filled with cherry blossoms. There is also a hiking path that you can take to a second smaller bridge further down.

みかん狩りMikan Picking at Einouen (英農園) Farm
From the end of October to the start of December you can experience mikan-gari, literally hunting for mikan. The entrance fee to the farm is 300 yen for adults. For this bargain price, you can eat as many mikan as you like! When you find your favorite tree, you can pick some to purchase and take home with you. You will be very popular among coworkers or friends if you bring in some mikan hand-picked with love to share!

Bajikouen – The Horse Park
Come and meet Miyazaki Prefecture’s equestrian competitors and take a riding lesson with Takuya, a two-time former All-Japan show jumping champion. Or, if riding isn’t your thing, come and watch the champions-in-the-making train on some impressive jumping courses, make friends with the barn cats and, of course, the lovely horses. The park also has a pony which is suitable for small children to ride, as well as two miniature ponies which are a delight for everyone. A number of JETs have all come here for a casual ride, a lesson, and even to compete in regional competitions.

Adjacent to the stables that house the jumping horses are the stables for the race horses. The famous Aya horse race is held on the first Sunday of November. If you time your visit to the horse park right, you’ll be able to see the jockeys exercising and training their horses on the track in anticipation of this big event.

The park also houses Aya’s well-known flower clock, which chimes beautifully at noon. Come and see it in the early summer, when the flowers are in full bloom.