Gokase (五ヶ瀬町)

Gokase Town has two grand claims to fame: it is home to the only ski resort in the prefecture, and also to one of the three wineries in Miyazaki (the others being in Tsuno and Aya). Despite its small size, the town of Gokase is spread out over the sparse flatter highlands that somehow exist up against the mountainsides. The higher altitudes create a generally cooler climate than the rest of the prefecture, which also makes Gokase a beautiful place to visit in autumn, when the Gokase landscape makes a perfect backdrop for the brilliant fall foliage.

City Website: http://www.town.gokase.miyazaki.jp/  |  Tourism Website: https://gokase-kanko.jp/

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Health & Fitness

Hospitals and Clinics Gokase Hospital 五ヶ瀬町国民健康保険病院 It is the consensus of the Gokase ALTs that if you get injured, this is probably not the best place to go to. They mean well, but you will probably end up being sent to another hospital anyway. Great for cheap medicine for headaches, stomaches, etc. Location: 五ヶ瀬町国民健康保険病院 (map) 2109-1 Sankasho, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, … Continue reading Health & Fitness


For most non-food shopping needs, you’ll honestly have better luck driving to Kumamoto or Nobeoka, as there aren’t any malls or large department stores. However, for your day-to-day needs, the following stores will tide you over. Specialty Center Gokase 特産センターごかせ Located on Highway 218 near the border between Miyazaki and Kumamoto Prefectures, this shop features local … Continue reading Shopping

Sights & Attractions

Gokase is well-known for its beautiful sunset vistas. Take a day trip to see the sights, go hiking, or enjoy skiing, then find yourself place to sit back and relax while watching the horizon. Gokase Winery 五ヶ瀬ワイナリー Established in 2005, the winery has a nice restaurant and provides tours of the winery fields. The location also boasts a … Continue reading Sights & Attractions


Gokase Nature School NPO法人五ヶ瀬自然学校 Gokase Nature School is an NPO that runs a variety of programs designed to bring you closer to nature. These programs include outdoor recreational activities such as river kayaking, work experiences such as woodworking and farming, volunteer experiences, and many more! For some experiences, a small discount may be offered if you … Continue reading Outdoors


Below are festivals held annually. For more accurate event dates and times, please be sure to check our Festivals and Events Calendar, updated monthly. Weeping Cherry Tree and Rhododendron Festival From late March to early May, cherry blossoms and rhododendrons bloom all over the area, and matsuri stalls pop up to celebrate. Gion Festival In … Continue reading Festivals


Below are accommodations recommended by JETs in the area. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of options, check out Gokase Highland Ski’s recommendations here. Gokase no Sato Camp Village 五ヶ瀬の里キャンプ村&ゲストハウス Nestled in the mountains and surrounded by hiking trails and hidden waterfalls, Gokase no Sato is a wonderful place for a weekend stay. There … Continue reading Lodging

Food & Drink

Gokase Onsen Forest Inn Kijiya ごかせ温泉 森の宿 木地屋 A great place for a fancy getaway, a nice meal, or even just a good soak in the onsen, Kijiya boasts wonderful views of the mountain landscape. The restaurant features fresh, seasonal dishes using locally produced ingredients. Location: ごかせ温泉 森の宿 木地屋 (map) 〒882-1203 宮崎県西臼杵郡五ヶ瀬町三ヶ所9223 Website: http://www.gokase.co.jp/kijiya/ TEL: 0982-82-1115