Below are festivals held annually. For more accurate event dates and times, please be sure to check our Festivals and Events Calendar, updated monthly.

Weeping Cherry Tree and Rhododendron Festival
From late March to early May, cherry blossoms and rhododendrons bloom all over the area, and matsuri stalls pop up to celebrate.

Gion Festival
In mid-July, Kuraoka has a festival celebrating the harvest, the Gion Mountain, and the Ara Odori (featuring a “Man vs. Monkey” Pantomime). Highlights include a parade, a weapon exhibition, and people carrying mikoji around.

Sankasho Shrine Festival
This shrine celebrates 400 years of tradition, featuring folk dances and many other performances at the end of each September.

Momiji Festival
As one of the few places in Miyazaki to actually see autumn colors, Shirataki Falls (map) is the perfect location for an autumn festival. You can check it out at the beginning of November each year.