Health & Fitness

Hospitals and Clinics

Gokase Hospital 五ヶ瀬町国民健康保険病院
It is the consensus of the Gokase ALTs that if you get injured, this is probably not the best place to go to. They mean well, but you will probably end up being sent to another hospital anyway. Great for cheap medicine for headaches, stomaches, etc.
Location: 五ヶ瀬町国民健康保険病院 (map)
2109-1 Sankasho, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1203
TEL: 0982-73-5500

Gokase Dental Clinic 五ヶ瀬町歯科診療所
Located by the Gokase Board of Education. Not especially unique, but if you have a dental emergency in Gokase, you could do worse.
Location: 五ヶ瀬町歯科診療所 (map)
2110 Sankasho, Gokase-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-1203
TEL: 0982-82-0083

Fitness Centers

G-park (Gokase Sports Park) Gパーク
A great for exercising, G-Park has both indoor and outdoor facilities. The view of the sunset from the Kijiya Hotel overlooking the G-Park is beautiful.
Location: Gパーク (map)


Gokase Onsen Forest Inn Kijiya ごかせ温泉 森の宿 木地屋
A great place for a fancy getaway, a nice meal, or even just a good soak in the onsen, Kijiya boasts wonderful views of the mountain landscape. The restaurant features fresh, seasonal dishes using locally produced ingredients.
Location: ごかせ温泉 森の宿 木地屋 (map)
〒882-1203 宮崎県西臼杵郡五ヶ瀬町三ヶ所9223
TEL: 0982-82-1115