Gokase Nature School NPO法人五ヶ瀬自然学校
Gokase Nature School is an NPO that runs a variety of programs designed to bring you closer to nature. These programs include outdoor recreational activities such as river kayaking, work experiences such as woodworking and farming, volunteer experiences, and many more! For some experiences, a small discount may be offered if you are also staying at Gokase no Sato Camp Village.
Location: NPO法人五ヶ瀬自然学校 (map)
Website: http://www.gokase.org/
TEL: 0982-73-6366

Gokase Highland Ski 五ヶ瀬ハイランドスキー場
The most southern ski slope in Japan, at 1,610 meters tall you’ll have spectacular views of Mt. Aso from the top. Great for a weekend ski or snowboard trip that won’t break the bank, and even better for those who just want to try it for the first time! Bring your own equipment or rent it there–they have everything you could need.
Location: 五ヶ瀬ハイランドスキー場 (map)
〒882-1201 宮崎県西臼杵郡五ケ瀬町大字鞍岡4647-171
Website: http://www.gokase.co.jp/ski/
TEL: 0982-83-2141    Ski Office: 0982-83-2144

Gokase Valley 五ケ瀬渓谷
Nestled along Route 265 the the Gokase River valley, a beautiful place to take in some nature. Because the elevation is high, the cooler climate allows for spectacular leaf viewing in the fall!
Location: 五ケ瀬渓谷 (map)
Kuraoka, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1201
TEL: 0982-82-1200

Mt. Gion 祇園山
Referred to as the “birthplace of Kyushu Island,” Mt. Gion is believed to be the first mountain to have appeared. Mt. Gion is also famous for its 430,000,000 year-old coral reef fossils.
Location: 祇園山 (map)
Kuraoka, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1201

Kiritachigoe 霧立越
An extensive hiking trail spanning the Kyushu Backbone Range, Kiritachigoe encompasses Mt. Mukozaka, Shiraiwayama, and Ogiyama. There are a variety of entrances and exits to the trail. The Gokase Tourism Associatiion has provided a map of the trail here, but it is only in Japanese.

Gion Large Cypress Tree 祇園の大ヒノキ
Known to the locals as a “power spot,” the Gion cypress is a 700 year-old tree hidden away along the mountain roads. The central trunk was lost in its youth, and the surrounding branches grew in such a way that the tree now looks like a massive hand reaching upwards.
Location: 祇園の大ヒノキ (map)
〒882-1201, Kuraoka, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1201

Unoko Waterfall うのこの滝
Unoko features a 20m drop into a large, clear blue basin surrounded by unique rock formations. Conveniently located near Gokase no Sato Camp Village.
Location: うのこの滝 (map)
〒882-1203 Miyazaki-ken, Nishiusuki-gun, Gokase-chō, Sankasho

Shirataki Falls 白滝
Boasting a 60 meter drop, Shirataki is a sight to see any time of year, but is especially stunning in the autumn, when it is surrounded by fall colors, or in winter, when sometimes the entire waterfall is frozen into icicles! Its a little difficult to find, but if you drive along Route 265 you’ll see a sign for it. The road is narrow and steep, but the views will be well worth the trip!
Location: 白滝 (map)
〒882-1201 五ヶ瀬町大字鞍岡荒谷

Ugeno Falls うげの滝