Hinokage (日之影町)

Hinokage (map) has a tiny population of just over 4,000 people, and is very well known for its three massive bridges, each spanning picturesque emerald chasms, and for its traditional Kagura dances. It is also known as the origin of Kazuo Hiroshima, a famed bamboo basket weaver. Despite its declining population, it remains part of the northwestern quad of notable towns (Hinokage, Takachiho, Morotsuka and Gokase). This region has also been classified as a world agricultural heritage.

Hinokage has a free Wi-fi service for tourists, as well. For more information, check out their page here (Japanese only).

City Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/

Nearby:  Gokase  |  Morotsuka  |  Shiiba  |  Takachiho

Health & Fitness

Hospitals and Clinics Hinokage Hospital 日之影町国民健康保険病院 Location: 日之影町国民健康保険病院 (map) 9074-3 Nanaori, Hinokage-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-0401 Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/ TEL: 0982-87-2021 Kai Dental Clinic かい歯科クリニック On route 218 and is cheap and easy. Location: かい歯科クリニック (map) 9014-1 Nanaori, Hinokage-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-0401 TEL: 0982-87-2486 Sports Facilities Iyashinomori Sports Park 癒しの森運動公園 Location: 癒しの森運動公園 (map) 〒882-0401 Miyazaki Prefecture, Nishiusuki District, 日之影町七折12125 Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/ … Continue reading Health & Fitness


Hinokage has a number of small inns, pensions, and campsites, many of which are partners with the Forest Therapy program. You can find a full list of these accommodations at the Forest Therapy website. TR Train Inn TR列車の宿 After spending a day at the onsen, why not check in to the adjacent TR Train In , where decommissioned train … Continue reading Lodging


Forest Therapy 森林セラピー Immerse yourself in nature and take a step back from technology and the stress of day-to-day life. Hinokage features a variety of walking courses to help you relax your body, refresh you mind, and reconnect with nature. Location: 日之影町森林セラピー推進協議会 (map) 3235-5 Nanaori, Hinokage-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-0401 Website: http://www.hinokage-therapy.com/ TEL: 0982-87-3910 Mitate Valley 見立渓谷 A great … Continue reading Outdoors

Sights & Attractions

Ishigaki Village 石垣の村 Nestled along the Hinokage River, Ishigaki Village is a remnant of another time, with stonework dating back to the mid-1800’s. The village also has facilities you can rent for events or overnight accommodations. Location: 石垣の村 (map) 7282-1 Nanaori, Hinokage, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-0401 Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/ TEL: 0982-87-2295 Shishigawa 鹿川 Another small but lively village of … Continue reading Sights & Attractions


Michi no Eki Seiunbashi 道の駅青雲橋 Features local products, souvenirs, and gifts. Located near Seiunbashi (map), Hinokage’s most famous bridge. Location: 道の駅青雲橋 (map) 8705-12 Nanaori, Hinokage-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-0401 Website: https://www.facebook.com/michinoekiseiunbashi TEL: 0982-87-2491 A-Coop Aコープ日之影店 A supermarket that also sells local produce. Location: Aコープ日之影店 (map) 3378-2 Iwaikawa, Hinokage-chō, Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki-ken 882-0402 TEL: 0982-87-2504 Yamazaki Yショップ日之影店 A small convenience store. Location: … Continue reading Shopping


Below are festivals held annually. For more accurate event dates and times, please be sure to check our Festivals and Events Calendar, updated monthly. Ohito Kabuki Kabuki show that is held in the local Kabuki house (October). Hinokage Valley Festival Held in mid-late October each year. Yokagura Traditional Shinto dances that are performed from mid … Continue reading Festivals