Minato Festival (mid-July)
This festival includes a historical parade that has a large moving pagoda and dances, festival food and later in the night drumming. It is held near Hososhima.

Hyuga Hyotoko (early August)
Ever wanted to see men gyrating through the streets barely clothed? Wanted to watch people dressed in scary masks frighten children? This is the festival for you. Famous all over Japan it is a must see! You can find this festival around Hyuga Train Station.

Hyuga Full Moon Festival (early/mid-October)
A wonderfully simple festival with dances from the local dance agencies. Also a traditional dance parade on each day. Not to mention the wonderful festival food and activities. This festival is also held near the train station.

Food Festival (May)
The locals come out and sell their freshly baked goods and other food to the community. It’s a great way to walk around and see students, friends, and have a good time.

Surfing World Cup
The world cup for surfing is held in Hyuga every year! This is a great chance to go chat with professional surfers and foreigners.

Train Station Illumination (Winter)
The students of the Hyuga Technical School and the locals in Hyuga set up winter lights and figurines all around Hyuga.