Health & Fitness

Yoshida Clinic 
Recommended for its English speaking doctor. It offers care for general health issues and illness. They will help you set up appointments with a specialist or emergency care, if necessary. You do need to make an appointment before going.
TEL: (0982) 55-0770

Chiyoda Hospital
For more serious issues and is the main hospital in this area. Though this hospital is not 24/7, it is open Monday-Saturday 7:30-5:00. It is also where you will be taken by ambulance if you contact the medical emergency number. Even if it is outside normal hours there are doctors on staff for emergencies.
TEL (non-emergency): (0982) 52-7111

Kai Dental Clinic 
Where most foreigners go for dental checkups. It is located in Nobeoka (The city just north of us). Abe-Chan is a friendly Dental Hygienist who speaks a little English. You can make appointments with her via Facebook or by calling the clinic.
TEL: (0982) 26-2283