Sights & Attractions

Omi Shrine & Isegahama
Omi Shrine is located next to Hyuga’s most popular swimming beach.  Omi Shrine has beautiful views of the ocean and a little cave shrine for those willing to risk the steps down to see it.

Sea Cross
One of the most famous landmarks, the sea cross supposedly looks like the kanji for “to grant” or “for a wish to come true.”  There is a bell at the observation point which you can ring to make your wish.  It is also one of the “power spots” in Miyazaki.

At the top of Cape Hyuga, is a precipitous cliff of pillar-like rocks, towering as high as 70 meters, and commands an excellent view of the waves below breaking against the rocks on both sides of the waterway and sending up sprays of water.

Mimitsu Area
This area has been designated a national important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings, and much of the 19th-century atmosphere, including traditional buildings, earthen walls, and stone pavements, remains.