Sights & Attractions

Inyoseki ShrineInyosekiShrine
One of the oddest sights in all of Miyazaki , this shrine boasts a rock naturally shaped like a phallus. There’s also a small museum (enter at your own risk). Back in its day it was a great attraction for newly-weds and those trying to have kids. Free entry.
Location: 陰陽石 3332-5 Higashikata, Kobayashi, Miyazaki 886-0001, Japan (map)

Cosmo Dome PlanetariumCosmodomeKobayashi
For the starry-eyed out there, visit the planetarium for one of the indoor screenings, or go for a live nighttime star viewing and mythology explanation. You can also find out more about show times and events here.
Location: 北きりしまコスモドーム (map)
8577-18 Minaminishikata, Kobayashi, Miyazaki 886-0005, Japan
TEL: 0984-27-2468  

Suki Murando Horse and Dolphin Farm (すきむらんど)
Contrary to the name, there are no horses or dolphins here. Instead, you’ll find a quaint little art gallery with 3 annexes: craft, photography, and art. In addition to the gallery, you’ll find an unagi restaurant, a hiking trail, an onsen, and even summer canoe rentals!
Location: 〒886-0112 宮崎県小林市須木下田412-6 (map)
TEL: 0984-48-2480

Mamako Waterfall (須木の滝) (map)
Legend has it that a mother jumped over the fall with her child, hence the name “Mother and Child.” Despite the sad story, this fall is a very beautiful sight.