Cosmos Festival (October)
Kobayashi’s biggest festival is held in the month of October once the Cosmos flowers bloom at Ikoma Plateau. The fields are open for viewing almost all year long, but the big event takes place in Mid October. Complete with live music and a stunning fireworks display over the cosmos fields, this festival is not to be missed.
Website: www.ikomakougen.com

Summer Fireworks Festival (August)
Doesn’t matter where you are in Japan there will be one somewhere at sometime in summer. Locally Kobayashi’s is in Suki area and there’s another one in Takaharu.

Meisui Matsuri (August)
A lot of water and wet children, games and food stalls. Normally in the first week of August.

Kobayashi Cultural Festival 
Takes place at the gym in the middle of town.

Firefly Festival (Late May)
Kobayashi is famous in Japan for its fireflies (hotaru). Due to the dwindling of the firefly population, recently there is no festival but you can still go on a trek and look at the fireflies.

Nojiri Lake Festival (Early September)
Takes place at Nojiri Kopia at the beginning of September