Gyanasai Summer Festival 
Kicking off in September, this is a large summer festival. The name comes from old Morotsuka-ben for genki!

Village Culture Festival (村民文化祭)
This festival takes place in November, and there’s usually a lot of interesting performances and things to see. The entire village gym is also taken up with crafts on display and homegrown vegetables.

Daichintsuke Uta Competition
A popular folk-song competition held in November. Anyone can try, if they are up for the challenge!

All-night Kagura (夜神楽)
In February in the Minamigawa and Aratani areas, you can watch kagura (神楽) dances literally from dusk-till-dawn. Bring warm clothes, plenty of coffee, and an adventurous spirit! Then, in November and March, if you don’t want to hike alone, why not come to the hiking festivals? March’s opening of the mountaineering season is the earliest in all of Japan!

Yoshinomiya Shrine Biwa Festival (吉の宮神社祭り)
For those with a taste for the historic mysteries that shroud Japan, and especially Miyazaki – which is one of the first and oldest prefectures – this famous festival occurs in March. It celebrates the blind priest Zatou, to whom the shrine was dedicated after tragic events near Morotsuka. People come from all over Japan to see it!

Mountain Hiking Festivals
Climbing mountains can be difficult, so why not join a brig group and climb together? Hiking events are held in November (Mt. Kurodake) and March (Mt. Morotsuka).

In late May, early June, you can walk around the riverbed and see it lit up by hundred of fireflies. It’s the epic cap to the magic of a tiny Japanese village!