Food & Drinks

Ekubotei (えくぼ亭)
Located near the Ikenobo Green Park, this restaurant is only open on weekends and holidays. You can make reservations through the Morotsuka Village Tourism Association.
Location:  〒883-1301 宮崎県東臼杵郡諸塚村大字家代3574-2 (map)
TEL: 0982-65-0526

Donkotei (どんこ亭)
For a tasty treat, try this delightful restaurant with local foods and an 800円 lunch buffet. After a meal, you can then buy local Morotsuka products at the store Morokko House upstairs.
Location: Miyazaki Prefecture, Higashiusuki District, Morotsuka, Eshiro, 3068, しいたけの館21 (map)
TEL: 0982-65-0178