Yokagura Festival (夜神楽) 
From November to February, each village shrine takes turns hosting performances of all-night sacred dances that act out the local mythology (annual schedule here). The revelry starts around sundown and doesn’t stop until the next morning, but the audience is free to wander in and out and drink shochu to stay warm (lots of layers are recommended). The stories get racier and more exciting post-midnight. For an abbreviated version, you can watch the nightly performances at 8:00 PM at Takachiho Shrine.

Kariboshi-kirita Song National Competition
At the end of November, about 700 singers gather from all over Japan to compete in a singing contest to see who will win the title of “Best Takachiho Folk Song.” You can compete too, if you’re up for the challenge!

National Foundation Day Celebration
On February 11, residents and visitors parade through the town dressed up as gods.

Takachiho Shrine Spring Grand Festival
In mid-April, Sarutahiko, a human character in the myth, leads a portable shrine throughout the town, protected by a group of martial arts performers and masked gods.