Tsuno (都農町)

Down the road from the north, on Route 10 towards Miyazaki City, you’ll get many smaller towns and villages by the ocean. After the general hub of Hyuga City is behind you, you’ll meander through Mimitsu (美々津) and eventually hit Tsuno (都農). Small and sleepy, this town stretches from the coast in the east and deeper into the hillier western landscape. One of the defining places to visit here is the Tsuno Winery. Although still fairly new and fresh in its endeavors, it is already known for producing some of the better local vintages in the prefecture. Take a tour and sample some of the homegrown cultivars while you sit on the terrace, overlooking what is arguably one of the nicest, biggest and most well-kept rolling lawns in Japan! Plus it’s a high elevation, which means an unfettered view of the surrounding countryside. Idyllic!