Autumn & Spring

The “in-between” seasons can be very frustrating to prepare for on a daily basis. The weather can change quickly and suddenly, and what may have started as a double-layer-plus-a-sweater morning could very well develop into a single-layer afternoon. The weather in autumn and spring is very similar, so you can generally follow the same guidelines for both, but there are still a few specific things to consider.


The summer heat lasts well into October, sometimes even later, though you may find yourself needing a sweater or a light jacket at night or on rainy days. “Cool Biz” lasts until October 31st, but many offices will stop using the air conditioning towards the end of September, so feel free to continue wearing your summer clothes, adding layers as needed. If you’re still unsure of what to wear, just follow you coworkers’ example; once they all start switching to long sleeves and sweaters, you’ll know it’s about that time.


Spring can be quite sudden in coming and short in duration. There will be random cold days and sudden hot days from April until the weather officially breaks into rainy season in June. This is a time when your wardrobe will be in shambles because you won’t know which clothing you’ll need on any given day. Not yet Cool-Biz time, light layers that you can easily pile on and take off while still being appropriately covered are your friends during this season.